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Wearing specific cycling shoe covers during your rides, especially in winter, offers several benefits that contribute to the comfort and protection of the cyclist in cold and wet conditions. They offer warmth and crucial protection against harsh weather, acting as a barrier to keep wind, rain and cold away from your feet. In this way, they also preserve the condition of your cycling shoes. High quality shoe covers are a key investment for a more enjoyable and more comfortable riding experience.
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When searching for cycling shoe covers, people tend to look for a variety of attributes. Here are some common attributes you might consider when choosing our cycling shoe covers.
Our cycling shoe covers provide an additional layer of insulation, helping to keep your feet warm in cold weather. Cold temperatures can lead to discomfort and even frostbite, so maintaining warmth is crucial for a comfortable and safe ride.
Our cycling shoe covers are made with advanced fabrics and technologies which allow them to act as a barrier against the wind, preventing cold air from penetrating your shoes. Wind chill can make the temperature feel much colder than it actually is, and protecting your feet from the wind helps maintain a more comfortable riding experience.
Our cycling shoe covers are designed to be water resistant or waterproof thanks to the advanced materials and technologies we use. Providing protection from rain and snow, they help keep your feet dry and warm. Wet feet can quickly lead to discomfort, and prolonged exposure to moisture increases the risk of conditions like frostbite.
Our cycling shoe covers play a vital role in protecting cyclists from road spray, keeping shoes dry and free from dirt and mud, thus providing extra comfort.
To improve visibility for other road users in low-light situations, our cycling shoe covers are equipped with reflective elements. In winter, the days are shorter, and visibility is often reduced due to poor weather conditions. But it's not just about the winter season; this is an important safety feature for cyclists even in cold mid-season days, especially during early morning or evening rides.
Our cycling shoe covers offer a comfortable fit thanks to the elasticity of the high-quality fabrics we use. Their construction, featuring easy-sliding YKK® zippers and other elements such as the pull at heel on some models, allows for easy on and off.
Innovative fabrics combined with a minimalistic yet carefully designed construction make our cycling shoe covers the most comfortable on the market. The fabrics are extremely soft and elastic, which not only enhances comfort but also makes them easier to put on and take off. On the other hand, the reduced seam construction makes it feel like you're almost not wearing them at all.
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When we consider our cycling shoe covers, we can divide them into four different groups depending on the weather condition they are designed for.
The first group includes shoe covers designed for extreme cold conditions. It is represented by a single shoe cover, the Estremo Shoecover. Thanks to the combined use of the two different advanced technologies GORE-TEX® and Polartec®, it is our warmest shoe cover, ideal for temperatures even below zero.
The second and largest group includes shoe covers designed for cold conditions and temperatures around zero. We’re talking about the do-everything Perfetto Shoecover, focused on performance with exceptional breathability and fit, the Espresso Shoecover for men and that one for women, both for most cool to cold days and with neoprene panel at back, the Intenso UL Shoecover, similar to Espresso but with Velcro closure under foot, and the Dinamica Shoecover for women, with women's-specific fit and reflective print for visibility. They are all made with GORE-TEX® fabric.
The third group includes shoe covers designed for cool conditions and temperature slightly above freezing. The RoS 2 Shoecover and the Entrata Shoecover are part of this group. Thanks to its technology, the first is made to excel in both dry and wet conditions, so it's warm, splash resistant and breathable. The second is our simplest entry-level shoe cover and offers wind and splash protection with fleece insulation.
The fourth and final group includes shoe covers specially designed for wet conditions, such as the Diluvio UL Shoecover, the Diluvio Pro Shoecover, the Pioggia 4 Shoecover and the Pioggerella Shoecover. While the Pioggerella shoe cover is perfect for days with a chance of brief light rain, the Diluvio shoe covers are ideal for heavy rain, as they are more water-resistant due to their neoprene fabric. On the other hand, the Pioggia 4 Shoecover is equipped with a technology that makes it completely waterproof, making it the optimal choice in any wet conditions.
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We at Castelli use a variety of advanced materials and technologies to create our shoe covers. These are chosen to provide a balance of comfort, protection, insulation and breathability.  The technologies used are essentially three: GORE-TEX®, Polartec® and Rain or Shine (RoS).
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GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® fabric is windproof, water resistant and highly breathable. You can find it in the Perfetto Shoecover, in the Estremo Shoecover, in the Espresso Shoecover and in the Intenso UL Shoecover.
As for Polartec®, we use the Polartec® Power Stretch® which is very warm, breathable, comfortable against the skin and, how the name suggests, stretchy. It ensures warmth without weight and wicks perspiration outward and away from the body. We can find it in our warmest Estremo Shoecover and in the RoS 2 Shoecover.
Rain or Shine (RoS) is the technology designed for both dry and wet conditions. Garments with this technology are water resistant, light and breathable at the same time. It is present in our RoS 2 Shoecover.
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In addition to the shoe covers mentioned so far which are mainly used on the road, we have designed a specific shoe cover for gravel/MTB. We are talking about the Unlimited Shoecover, that is part of our Unlimited Collection. Compared to others, it features a fleece-backed fabric with a DWR treatment to keep you warm and dry, and a durable abrasion-resistant fabric under the foot with a Velcro closure to accommodate the soles of gravel and MTB shoes. The fleece-backed fabric is also extremely stretch, which, along with the long zipper, allows you to easily wear the shoe covers over your bulky shoes. Regarding the temperature, it can be included in the group of shoe covers designed for cold conditions.
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