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Ever wondered what life is like as a Directeur Sportif? In Castelli’s last podcast episode, we take you through the thrilling highs and challenging lows of the last three decades of pro racing and the intriguing world of sports directing.

Our story begins with Tom, whose passion for cycling led him to join the number-one Classics team as a professional rider (MG Maglificio–Technogym) in 1994. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of his adventure. Fast-forward to 2011, Tom finds himself as a Directeur Sportif (DS) for the same team, Quick-Step Cycling Team, learning the ropes as DS. This captivating conversation explores the evolution of cycling, the challenges the new generation of young athletes face, and the importance of mental toughness in this relentless sport.
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From the cobblestone chaos of the Tour of Flanders to the unforgiving battlegrounds of Roubaix, we peel back the curtain to reveal the intricate strategies, nail-biting challenges, and split-second decisions that define these monumental races. Behind the scenes, witness the intense pressure, camaraderie, and occasional controversies that shape the narrative of professional cycling.

The logistics of riders coming back to the car to pick up their foul-weather clothing when the weather turns bad, the mechanics scrambling to provide spare wheels, and the orchestrating of the strategic game of supplying riders during critical moments of the race. Discover the delicate balance between adhering to regulations and prioritizing the safety and performance of the athletes.
But our journey doesn't end there. Gain a deeper understanding of the human side of professional cycling as Tom reflects on the euphoria of victory, the agony of defeat, and the unwavering commitment to supporting riders through every triumph and setback.

Are you ready to experience the thrill, tension, and sheer exhilaration of cycling races like never before? Welcome aboard as we unveil the unseen drama and raw emotion of professional cycling. Get ready for a ride you won't soon forget.
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