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The sixth generation


The sixth generation of the Gabba takes Foul Weather Race Protection to a new level.

A brand-new exclusive fabric technology makes  the Gabba R functionally waterproof and highly breathable,  while the close-to-body fit makes it the most aero jacket  we’ve ever tested. By far.

Whether your goal is to cross the finish line first or to remain warm, dry, and comfortable, the  game has changed.



After years of development, we have finally achieved a high-stretch, functionally waterproof, and highly breathable fabric that enables us to craft the ultimate race jacket — with the fit and aerodynamics of a speedsuit and the water protection of a rain cape. We proudly introduce the Gabba R. The “R” stands for Race.


Clearly, aerodynamics are paramount in creating a better race Gabba. Wind tunnel tests have demonstrated remarkable aerodynamic gains. Through two separate wind tunnel tests, augmented with tests on the road, we’ve seen that in some positions and speeds the Gabba R will actually be faster than a Sanremo BTW Speed Suit as used by the Soudal Quick-Step team. In a “normal” road position, the Gabba R tests about 1% faster at speeds from 37 to 50 km/h, while in an extremely aggressive low position, the Gabba R is merely about 1% slower than the Sanremo BTW suit.


Since the inception of the original Gabba, the primary focus has been on keeping cyclists comfortable, warm, and fast while riding and racing, even in inclement weather. However, the new Gabba R takes this to another level by being “functionally waterproof,” meaning it effectively keeps you dry from the outside. Let’s delve deeper into this. The fabric has a hydrostatic head rating of over 5,000 mm. While this may seem low compared to certain outdoor brands that strive to prevent any moisture ingress even under the pressure of a backpack or sitting on a wet surface, it is more than sufficient to repel even driving rain. Increasing waterproofness often comes at the expense of breathability, but in our testing, we’ve found that a rating of 5,000 mm strikes the right balance.


Designed for WorldTour racing, the Gabba R features 100% stretch in every direction. Its close-to-body fit optimizes aerodynamics while maintaining comfort. In our testing, we’ve found that the close-to-body fit has the advantage that whatever moisture is formed inside the jacket during
intense efforts tends to stay warmer since it’s held close to the body, causing less chill from moisture than what we experience with other jackets.

If a rider prefers a more relaxed fit, especially for use in very cold temperatures over thermal layers, we recommend going up a size, as Kasper Asgreen does for winter training in Denmark.

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