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These are some of our custom teams, from which you can get ideas for your team's custom kit. We are very excited to collaborate with them and hope to do so for as long as possible!


The BUFF®-MEGAMO is one of the leading teams in the world in the Cross Country Marathon (XCM) modality and competes in the most prestigious international stage races in the world such as the Cape Epic, the Andalucía Bike Race, the 4 Islands or the Brazil Ride, among others. It is a partnership between two brands BUFF® and Megamo and it is the result of their common desire to expand globally and not limit themselves to a single cycling discipline. The team consists of 7 bikers and technical staff from 6 different nationalities, reflecting their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Through the team, they want to inspire people to embrace outdoor moments and enjoy cycling, promoting a healthier lifestyle, as well as a passion for competition and adventure.

This alliance with Castelli allows BUFF® – MEGAMO to achieve competitive excellence in world, European and the best XCM stage events, such as the next Cape epic.  We, at Castelli, have developed, in collaboration with the team itself and the two main sponsors, BUFF® and MEGAMO, a personalized design for the most demanding bike marathon events in the world during this 2023.

Visit their website: https://www.megamo.com/buff-megamo-team


The Smugglers is a Belgian brand, born in 2018, which organizes 'next level' gravel events in Belgium. Its name comes from the smugglers who, for over a century, have defied rules and taxes, smuggling everything secretly across borders on desolate forest trails. It is a brand that aims to promote values ​​that distinguished smugglers, such as courage, strength, determination, and to enhance the sense of adventure and team spirit.

This collaboration represents a great opportunity for Smugglers to gain notoriety and promote their events internationally, and a great boost for Castelli to reaffirm its presence in the world of gravel. Overall, the partnership is an excellent way to bring European people closer to gravel.

Visit their website: https://smugglers.be/


Easton Overland is a gravel team with members hailing from Canada, the US, and Australia. Current riders include Caitlin Bernstein, Matt Bird, Rob Britton, Emily Cheng, Caroline Dezendorf, Rebecca Fahringer, and Matt Lieto.

Formed in 2019, Castelli has been partnered with them since the beginning. 5 years and going strong.

Follow them on


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