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Soudal Quick-Step’s Remco Evenepoel visited the famous ‘Galleria del Vento del Politecnico di Milano’ wind tunnel in Milan on Monday, where he and our coaching and technical team were joined by our partners from Castelli.

One of pillars that has underlined the success that Soudal Quick-Step has enjoyed throughout its history is its commitment to developing new technology. Aside from Formula One, cycling is perhaps the sport most reliant on materials, with those involved always looking for the next aero gain or new development, non-more so than our team.

During the day spent in the wind tunnel, World Time Trial champion Remco tried a number of different options that he can use in the race against the clock, with TTs continuing to a major focus in 2024. The primary focus was testing different apparel options, including skinsuits and shoe covers, and some helmet options for both road and TT use.
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Speaking of the day, Soudal Quick-Step Head Coach Koen Pelgrim said: ‘The time that we spend in the wind tunnel and the data that we receive from it is invaluable. When racing in Time Trials at the level in which Remco does, the fine margins can make a huge difference. In the controlled environment of the wind tunnel, we can see the differences that different materials will make, while at the same time seeing how they would interact with different positions on the bike. Remco has a great position on the bike, and Castelli already produce an excellent TT suit, so rather than looking to make big changes, we are trying to fine tune the setup that we have.’
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Joining Koen at the session was Castelli’s brand manager, Steve Smith, and their race division manager, Alvin Nordell, ‘Remco is a unique challenge because his position is so compact and aerodynamic that most of the solutions that work for other riders don’t give the same result with Remco. We’re at the level where the top riders need customized solutions. Fortunately Remco has always recognized the importance of this work and dedicates a lot of time to testing and improving. Together we’ll keep making him faster and faster’, said Alvin.
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