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giro collection 2023


The Giro d'Italia is not just a cycling race, it's a true event of the Italian people that transcends time and space.

The passion and intensity that emanate from the riders and the crowds are palpable, and the iconic Maglia Rosa is a symbol of excellence, determination, and perseverance. To capture this spirit and pay tribute to the race, we created a collection that is more than just cycling gear; it's a reflection of the heart and soul of the Giro d'Italia.

The sleek and stylish design is a perfect fusion of Italian fashion and cutting-edge cycling technology, creating a seamless blend of form and function. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that it feels like a second skin, and the moisture-wicking properties keep you dry and fresh no matter how hard you ride.

But it's not just the technical features that make the Giro d'Italia Collection so special; it's the emotional connection that it creates between you and the race. Every time you zip up your jersey, you become a part of the Giro d'Italia family, united by a shared passion for cycling and a desire to push yourself to your limits. The pink color is not just a hue, it's a statement of courage and tenacity, a symbol of the challenges that you've overcome and the victories that you've achieved.

Celebrate in the right way

To celebrate the biggest Italian cycling event, we have come up with an exclusive kit for the champions of tomorrow: by purchasing the Maglia Rosa for children, you will receive a free Giro cycling cap! What are you waiting for? The offer is only valid for a few days!

How it works: by adding the #GIRO106 KID JERSEY to your cart, you will receive the #GIRO CYCLING CAP for free.


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