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Great Jacket !

I've had this jacket about a year & I'm very happy with it. It seems to work over a pretty wide temp range I've used it from -3C - 15C which is great as I also use it for commuting so its good for the cold mornings & can still ride home when the weathers warmed up. The design details are great I really like the cuffs & double front layers, I also have the lite version of this jacket but really prefer this one. Submitted on  23 November 2021  by  Steve

Great jacket

I look forward to chilly days just so that I can wear this jacket. If I get too warm I can unzip the jacket and the built in vest continues to keep me warm. I purchased the Castelli Castelli Alpha RoS 2 Limited Edition Jacket in Military green with orange accents. It fits great and does what it is supposed to in Rain Or Shine. My only complaint is that the built in vest is purple instead of orange like the accent is. That stated, it does not take away from how well the jacket works. I just like to match everything when I go for a ride. Submitted on  20 November 2021  by  Leyva

Best jacket ever

This is simply the best jacket I have ever owned. It is warm where it should be and breathes at the right places. Submitted on  04 November 2021  by  JD

The one-quiver foul weather jacket

The Large first perfectly for my 86kgs, 183cm frame. This is a one-quiver jacket - true to the Castelli slogan 'if you had just one jacket'. I love wearing this and welcome the foul weather. Never too hot, or cold, and always dry even on that continuous rain ride. I just wish it had 2 large rear pockets like the Gabba instead of 3 as my XXL shovel-sized hands are going to cause the pocket stitching to tear. My children even say it looks great on me. I'm sure it will look good on you too. Bring on the foul weather... Submitted on  28 Oktober 2021  by  Craig

Own 2 - once a year treat

Simply the best jacket when it gets cooler or windy fall. Rain, spotty sun, cold dark mornings - this is go to always. Have the orange and maroon, waiting for other ‘traffic visible’ colors. Love the blacks but why add risk with sleepy drivers. Never felt told in this jacket unlike other premium brands. Please keep making them - can’t wait for my next one 😻 Submitted on  11 September 2021  by  Richard Bay Area

Fantastic winter jacket

I love this jacket. I’ve ridden outside for two winters in the Northeastern US where winters are tough. Down to 25F I wear this jacket (women’s version) and a merino wool base-layer. When the real feel drops below 25F, I add a second merino wool layer underneath. I’ve been happy and comfortable even on brutally cold days (down into the teens in Farenheit). It’s surprisingly warm. It’s a great looking jacket too. Submitted on  23 Februar 2021  by  Nathalie


I own a lot of different sportswear. But the Alpha Ros 2 jacket is by far the best garment I've ever had. Yesterday I rode my road bike for about two hours at -4°C with just a merino wool baselayer underneath. It was also windy, but I didn't freeze. Simply fantastic! Submitted on  15 Februar 2021  by  Stefan

Great Jacket - Impressive Really

I have worn this jacket a lot this winter as I prefer the outdoors to a trainer any day. Rode 277 total miles in January for rides into the low 20's and I stay warm in this jacket. I am actually amazed at how well this jacket blocks the wind and the cold air. I typically layer with a merino wool against the skin then a good wicking polyester mid layer and my core is warm even at 21 degrees. This was an expensive jacket but well worth the money if you plan to ride in the winter. Been caught in some light rain showers too and it did a great job keeping me dry. Love this coat and have no regrets purchasing it. I am 5'8" 162 lbs and ordered the XL and it fits great. Submitted on  02 Februar 2021  by  Todd Morgan

Problem Solved!

Riding in the winter I've always struggled to find the right cold weather jacket combo that doesn't trap all of my sweat and make me have to stop mid-ride to peel away and store my wind stopping layer. With this jacket I no longer have that issue. I've been on 3 rides so far with temps ranging 20 to 35 degrees fahrenheit and in all conditions I've returned moisture-free on the inside of the jacket. One nice feature is the double collar that helps eliminate gaps and down draft around the back of the neck-line. Another unique feature that I've only seen on this jacket is the internal integrated vest that allows you to open the main zipper on the jacket for ventilation while the vest keeps the jacket in place. This is great to help regulate your climate control. Slim fit in the chest keeps you toasty when you need the heat and arms are plenty long to ensure no exposed wrists. Overall I'm super happy with how this jacket has solved my winter riding dilemma! Highly recommend this jacket! Height: 6'2", Weight 160 lbs, Size Large, MTB, Fatbike, Cyclocross Submitted on  29 Januar 2021  by  Roger


Riding in NE Ohio through winter. Typical 0 to -10c damp and windy. This jacket is a superb piece of kit, warm but not too warm, the wind does not cut through it, and the fit is spot on. Very well done. Submitted on  25 Januar 2021  by  Brad Rossetto

Formidable veste

Excellente veste, utilisée maintes fois par des températures négative on ne ressent pas de froid au haut de corps même en descente de col en hiver. La double ouverture est très appréciable lors de la monté. Submitted on  08 Januar 2021  by  Adrien

I absolutely love this jacket

This is, hands down the best winter jacket I have ever owned, and I’ve ridden for 30 years, love the fact that it’s windproof and almost waterproof so I don’t have to worry if it starts sprinkling, the temp rating Castelli gives is a little off, I’ve had this thing in the high 20’s with absolutely no problem, of course with a good base layer and a jersey. The high neck is great, nice deep pockets on the back, and let’s not forget the inner layer you can keep zipped up while you open the front up to cool off on climbs, very neat feature and it works great, jacket is t too heavy either, feels well made and should last a while, I know it seems pricey, but well worth the price in the end. Submitted on  27 Dezember 2020  by  Robby


I am not a professional cyclist but I had a real problem finding a comfortable jacket to cycle in. After my little test cycle, I can confirm that it is simply the best! The UK weather is unpredictable and can quickly change from very cold to warm in a day. Great work team Castelli! Submitted on  14 Dezember 2020  by  Ben Banks

No bad weather, no excuses with this jacket

It's perfect. I had high expectations but this product could surpass those. It's much easier to go out in the cold and dark if you have this jacket. Around 0 degrees, combined with the core seamless base layer gives me super comfort. After going up a mountain at high intensity, you won't be dry, however during -1 celsius downhill, youu just close the front zipper and it will keep you warm. Now i'm excited to experience sub zero rides (down to -5) with this jacket, I'm sure it will handle the situation with the flanders warm base layers. Highly recommended, worth the price. Submitted on  17 November 2020  by  Zoltan Petes

No such thing as off seasons!!!

Don’t have excuse now to say “ the weather is to bad to ride” rain or shine, 25 degrees Fahrenheit, I’ve used this jacket with only a fleece long sleeve underneath in 25 degree weather and it was amazing.. kept me warm while the water droplets froze on my beard if that helps any ahah, I purchased a medium and I’m 5’8 145lbs with a 37 inch chest or just about and this jacket fits perfect. Love how it has a lip to cover gloves where wind and heat would normally escape not with this jacket. Hope this helps to anyone else. Submitted on  10 November 2020  by  Charles B. Hernandez

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  • ‘Rain or Shine Engineering‘ macht sie zu unserer besten Jacke für trockene Bedingungen und sorgt zugleich für signifikanten Nässeschutz
  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® 150-Material für Winddichtigkeit mit hoher Atmungsaktivität und effektivem Nässeschutz
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  • Doppellagige Alpha-Konstruktion trennt die Isolierschicht von der Wind-/Wasserschutzbarriere, um die Belüftung besser regulieren zu können
  • Wasserdichter YKK® Vislon®-Reißverschluss lässt sich zur besseren Regulierung der Belüftung extra leicht verschieben
  • ‘Raw edge‘-Hüftbund mit Silikon-Gripper liegt flach an und dichtet gegen den Wind ab
  • Doppellagige Ärmelbündchen verhindern zusammen mit den Handschuhen das Eindringen von kaltem Wind oder Wasser
  • Stretch-Materialien und das fortschrittliche Schnittmuster sorgen für eine hervorragende, körpernahe Passform, die dennoch einer großen Bandbreite an Körpertypen passt
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