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Okay jacket

I give this jacket 3 stars, and i think that is a bit generous, compared to its price. It is listed as a 5-14 C jacket, but when i have used this jacket along with a castelli jersey underneath at 8 C i have been freezing cold. It does not offer much warmth, however it offers a great deal of windresistance. I also do miss a rubber to keep the bottom from sliding up on your back. Submitted on  13 abril 2021  by  Emil Sørensen

so many good things with a few frustrating things

To start off with, this jacket and the material it's made from have a lot to offer. The material is stretchy and incredibly breathable while still being wind proof. I sweat a lot and this jacket can seem to keep up with me. It's becoming one of my go to outer layers especially on windy days. The bone I have to pick is with the cut and sizing. I'm 6 foot 225 pounds and went with the 2XL. The body fits fine, I can get a base layer and insulated gilet under it with a nice snug fit. Once on the bicycle the body fits very nice, but the arms are far too small. My arms are not muscular by any stretch of the imagination and it's a chore to get this coat on over a winter jersey or base layer. Once it's on the jacket cuts across the armpits and upper arms for the first 15 minutes or so and then it tends to conform to my body a little better. Getting it off, especially when sweaty, is difficult and although I've never done it, I imagine getting it on while sweaty would be near impossible. Despite these shortcomings I still use this jacket frequently and will continue to do so. If Castelli made a more relaxed / recreational cut in the exact same fabric I would buy it in a heartbeat. Submitted on  27 febrero 2021  by  Scott

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Mountain Month


Hasta el 31 de diciembre donaremos el 21% de tu compra a las estaciones de rescate de montaña con las que trabajamos. ¡Completa tu pedido y ayúdanos a apoyar la montaña!

Características del Producto
  • El tejido Tempesta Stretch con membrana PU cortaviento garantiza una resistencia a la columna de agua de 10 000 mm y una transpirabilidad de 20 600 g/m²/24h
  • Costuras selladas en los hombros para garantizar impermeabilidad
  • Altamente elástica para un ajuste confortable que sigue los movimientos de tu cuerpo
  • Compresible para poderla guardar dentro del bolsillo del maillot
  • Cremallera con solapa YKK® Vislon® de apertura rápida
  • Parte trasera más larga para proteger de las salpicaduras de agua de la rueda
  • Abertura de ventilación en la parte trasera
  • Banda reflectante en la parte inferior trasera
  • 5°-14 °C / 41°-57°F
  • Peso:204 g
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    4°-16°C / 39°-61°F



    6°-14°C / 43°-57°F