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Premio Black bibshorts.

I have several quality bibs from Castelli. But this is the winner. Thin responsive and exceptionally good feeling on the skin. Great product! Looking forward to more designs with same quality! Submitted on  05 julio 2021  by  Christer Hult

Premium Bib Shorts

I’m riding 25+ miles daily with bib shorts incorporating the same pad as these, and I give these the highest rating overall, because of the shoulder comfort; straps don’t bunch up, remaining flat throughout the ride. Also the fabric on the legs is excellent in terms of compression and the strategically placed texturing. Great for any warmer bike riding application including heavy climbing, race, etc. The other products with the same pad still get my vote, but these are an improvement over the others in the line in important areas (and better than the competition in virtually every area). Submitted on  03 junio 2021  by  Kinte

Primo Premio

When I bought my 1st Premio shorts, I accidentally purchased 2. Best mistake and shorts ever. Submitted on  27 mayo 2021  by  Steve Monroe

Características del Producto
  • El mejor culotte corto para todas las condiciones
  • Tejido elástico con espesores diferenciados para una perfecta sujeción muscular
  • El tejido pesa el 30 % menos respecto a un tejido de punto comparable
  • Tirantes planos con paneles en tejido perforado en la parte trasera para mayor libertad de movimiento
  • Banda elástica antideslizante en la terminación de la pierna para una perfecta adherencia
  • Logo RossoCorsa aplicado con láser en la parte central trasera y logo del escorpión en color negro difuminado en la parte inferior de la pierna
  • Badana Progetto X2 Air Seamless
  • Peso:156g
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