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castelli podcast

The Castelli podcast, your exclusive access to the iconic brand that has revolutionized how pro-riders dress and pushed the boundaries of cycling clothing performance.

Join us as we sit down with top athletes, aero engineers, and product experts to learn the best practices for peak performance. Hear firsthand what new and innovative products are in the works and glimpse into Castelli's almost 150 years of history.

So get ready for an incredible journey!

TOUR DE FRANCE | A Brief History of the Race

In this 'petite' episode, we provide a quick introduction to La Grande Boucle, covering its history, iconic climbs, and leader jerseys. We also highlight early champions, pioneers, and the evolution of team sponsorship. Enjoy the episode!


In this series profiling the team behind the riders, we focus on communication activations, social media, partner marketing campaigns, and mental health awareness. Phil Lowe, Press Officer for Soudal Quick-Step, shares insights on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of a WorldTour cycling team. The interview also covers the team's mental health initiatives and the future of professional cycling.

The FASTEST Sprinter Duo

Born just 31 days apart in 1992, Soudal Quick-Step’s Tim Merlier and Bert Van Lerberghe have a bond forged in friendship and racing. Recently, they made history at the 2024 Giro d’Italia with Tim becoming the first Belgian in 46 years to win three stages in one edition, thanks to Bert's pivotal support. Their synergy shone again at the Danish Gravel Challenge, with Tim winning and Bert securing third. Join us for an exclusive interview as we delve into their journey, passion for cyclocross and gravel racing, and favorite gear.


Giro fans! 

Get ready for the 29th episode of the Castelli podcast, where we will talk about the upcoming 107th edition, recalling iconic moments such as the first Maglia Rosa, Pantani's legendary attack at Oropa in 1999, and Hampsten's epic day on the Gavia Pass in 1988.

In addition, we'll retrace Castelli's innovations and marketing stunts during the Giro, such as introducing turquoise Lycra shorts and the evolution of cycling jerseys.



In this episode, South African champion Ashleigh Moolman Pasio discusses her move to Banyoles, her Rocacorba Cycling business, and her QOM Strava record on Rocacorba, along with pacing advice for achieving personal records. While Rocacorba won't reach the fame of Alpe d'Huez or Stelvio, it has gained notable recognition in cycling folklore.

LUKE LAMPERTI | The American Future

The american talent Luke Lamperti joins us. This 21-year-old ex-dirt biker chats about his transition to the World Tour with Soudal Quick-Step.  What's inside?  Crit racing secrets and favorite courses, the World Tour goals, sprints or Classics and the pro life with the training, nutrition & Castelli gear.  Tune in for a crit racing tips from a future champion and an insider info on a rising star.  Don't miss Luke Lamperti!

TOM STEELS | Directeur Sportif

Gear up for a cycling tell-all! Tom, a legend turned director, shares his journey and the unseen world of pro racing.  Go beyond the finish line with the iconic races from the team car, split-second decisions & hidden drama, cycling's evolution and athlete challenges and more...

NICOLAS COOSEMANS | Pro Cycling Mechanics

Join Nicolas Coosemans, the technical and development manager of Soudal Quick-Step, in the latest episode of the Castelli Podcast to find out more about the unsung life of a World Tour mechanic. He'll talk about his wildest fixes of all time, how quickly mechanics can set up a bike, the evolution of bike equipment over the last decade, and more.

ILSE PLUIMERS | Cyclocross Racing, Paris-Roubaix, How To Ride Cobbles

In this episode, we meet Ilse Pluimers, a talented athlete from the AG Insurance Soudal team, excelling in both cyclocross and road cycling. Ilse discusses her passion for both sports, shares insider tips on balancing her road career with winter cyclocross racing, and expresses her love for one-day cobble races like Paris-Roubaix, highlighting her dedication to cycling.

MIKEL LANDA | A New Chapter and Climbing Tips

Join us as we delve into the heart-pounding world of professional cycling as Mikel Landa, the experienced Basque climber, gears up for an exciting season with Soudal Quick-Step. Fresh from a stellar performance in the 2023 Vuelta and a podium at the 2022 Giro d’Italia, Landa takes on a supporting role for Remco Evenepoel in the Tour de France, all while anticipating a lead in the 2024 Vuelta a España.

REMCO EVENEPOEL | 2024 Season Goals, Training Tips, Off-Season

Join the Belgian cycling superstar Remco Evenepoel in the latest episode of the Castelli Podcast as he shares insights from his off-season trip to California, his training regimen, and ambitions for the 2024 season, including the pursuit of gold medals both in Paris and at the Road World Championships in Zurich.

SPORTS NUTRITION ep4 | Winter Training, Indoor Riding, Alcohol vs Performance, YoloMites5000

In this episode, we discuss hydration strategies for varying conditions, from cold outdoor rides to warm indoor eSports events. Dani Hofstetter shares best practices for staying hydrated during cold rides, optimizing fluid intake, and maintaining performance during indoor riding and ultra eSports events. We discuss effective post-training recovery techniques and how alcohol can impact performance.

Sports Nutrition Ep3 | Race Day Fueling, Sports Drinks, Hydration Strategy

In this episode, we delve into the topic of fueling for race days, ultra events, or triathlons, discussing how to prevent or recover from 'hitting the wall' (also known as bunking), sports drinks, and more on nutrition. This advice comes straight from sports nutrition expert Dani Hofstetter.

eSports Ep1 | Zwift Overview, Castelli Events, Riding Gear, Community

Join us on a thrilling ride through the world of cycling eSports and the evolution of Castelli's engagement on Zwift.

Learn how to get started on Zwift, hear about Castelli’s indoor and virtual cycling gear plus how to balance virtual and real-world cycling through winter.

We wrap up with how to get involved in the Castelli community and join our rides on Zwift.

Sports Nutrition Ep2: What Is the Optimal Diet for Cycling Performance?

If you're looking to elevate your understanding of nutrition's impact on sports performance and everyday health, this episode is an essential listen. Explore the intricate relationship between nutrition and athletic success, gaining actionable insights for a healthier, more performance-driven lifestyle.

Expert sports nutritionist Dani Hofstetter shares invaluable insights on the importance of balanced nutrition, strategies for fueling everyday performance, comparisons between animal-based and plant-based protein sources, optimal protein and carbohydrate intake for peak performance, and a comprehensive breakdown of essential nutritional elements.

Don't miss out on this invaluable guide to unlocking your athletic potential through informed nutrition choices.

Sports Nutrition Ep. 1: Fruits, Veggies, Carbs for Everyday Performance

What role does nutrition play in establishing a solid foundation for performance? The answer might be simpler than you think.

This week on the Castelli podcast, we’re excited to welcome Dani Hofstetter, Sports Performance Nutritionist. He'll delve into the essential nutritional guidelines and explain how small behavioral or intake changes in your nutrition can result in significant long-term health and performance improvements.

We'll explore optimizing everyday nutrition for cyclists, endurance athletes, and triathletes, highlighting the importance of carbo-loading and incorporating a diverse range of colorful fruits and vegetables for peak performance.

ETHAN VERNON | Winter Clothing, Track Cycling, WorldTour Racing

On this episode, we are joined by the British road and track cyclist, Ethan Vernon, who will give us a rundown of his favorite winter pieces to combat the cold and wet weather when training in the UK.

We’ll also chat about his hugely successful first season as a WorldTour pro. He got off to a great start winning a couple of stages at the Tour of Slovakia, and Volta Catalunya. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise given his pedigree on the track - he’s currently a Team Pursuit and Elimination World Champion for Team GB.

Along with the usual fun and casual stuff like his passion for coffee, pre-training breakfast, this episode has something for everyone.

We hope you’ll enjoy the episode!

MATT SURCH | The Art of Layering for Cold Weather Cycling

On this episode, Castelli’s Canadian social media manager, Fred Tremblay, talks to Matt Surch, a well-known figure in the Canadian Ottawa and Ontario cycling communities, discussing how to keep the wheels turning when the temperature drops below freezing or when snow begins to fall.

Matt is not afraid of taking on new cycling adventures or challenges, whether it’s mountain biking, downhill racing, road racing, cyclocross, or even grassroots gravel events—his stories are packed with experiences and tips to keep you warm and energized while cycling in cold weather.

Hope you’ll enjoy the episode!

LAURA PHILIPP | Triathlon - No love at first sight

Just before the best women triathletes will toe the line at Kailua Pier in Kona (Hawaii) this Saturday, we sat down with German Laura Philipp who hasn't had a traditional pattern of becoming a professional athlete.

Over the past years Laura has managed to establish herself as one of the leaders of the sport not just by winning titles but also being a role model for a healthy lifestyle, a powerful motivator for many people and finally her love for cake.

Laura takes us on an in-depth, deeply honest, personal journey through her challenges and her constant search for opportunities to improve.

Enjoy the episode!

We Take Your Questions

This episode offers a wealth of information about the Gabba and Perfetto products, as well as tips on how to create the perfect foul-weather kit. We also discuss topics such as care and maintenance, addressing hand numbness, and exploring what the Soudal Quick-Step riders wear during winter, among other topics. All of this valuable content is inspired by your questions.


The Gabba – The professional’s foul-weather friend. In 2010, Castelli introduced the Gabba to the pros and changed the way pros race in wet and cold conditions. A real game-changer compared to traditional flapping rain jackets, it is safe to say that it became the most iconic and most well-known piece of kit in cycling.  For many years, it was an exclusive lifesaver for Castelli riders (and pros who bought one to black out logos), copied by several brands but never as trusted as Castelli’s original, which has been improved several times in the past few years.  The Gabba RoS Jacket exemplifies everything we do at Castelli. We're always looking for innovative ways to make cycling more fun, more comfortable, and, most importantly, faster, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.  This is the story of how everything began, together with a focus group of riders from the Cervélo TestTeam in 2009.

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook and leave your favorite Gabba moment or story from the podcast episode in the comments. We have 4 Gabba Jackets up for grabs!

INSIDE THE TUSCANY TRAIL | 500K Unsupported Bikepacking Adventure

After embarking on the epic 2023 Tuscany Trail, Castelli’s Brand Manager, Steve Smith, took the time to reflect on his awe-inspiring two-day bikepacking journey through the region's breathtaking landscapes and enchanting towns.

Steve will take us through his unforgettable two-day journey, riding through Tuscany's stunning scenery and charming towns. Talk about how to prepare for this gravel adventure, what clothing to wear, logistics, and more.

The Tuscany Trail is the first bikepacking event, and one of the biggest in Europe. It stretches almost 500 km, with 7,000m of elevation gain, riding from the North to the South, in and out of central Italy’s coast. The route is uploaded on the GPS, and to be covered at one’s own pace, without time limit, self-sufficient because adventure is a right that must be within everyone's reach, as true adventurers of the twenty-first century.

Hope you’ll enjoy the episode!


It's IM World Championship race week and in today’s episode we have the chance to talk to Cameron Wurf who will be on the startline in the pro field in Nice on Sunday.

The 40-year-old Tasmanian will also allow us a deeper insight into his unique career starting as a rower and balancing his year between racing spring classics, grand tours and triathlon events for several seasons now.

During this episode of the Castelli podcast, Cam will let us know what learnings he takes from the fact that he raced the course already in June during the regular edition of IM Nice. He shares insights into his life, training and racing with WorldTour cyclists, how he improved his swimming and whom he picks as podium contender for race day.

Furthermore some dos and don’ts for all amateurs racing the course this week.

Hope you’ll enjoy the episode!

MICHAEL MØRKØV | The Ultimate Lead-Out Man

Meet Michael Mørkøv, the lead-out specialist that every sprinter dreams of having by their side. The 38-year-old Dane is not the biggest star of the peloton, but he's definitely the master of propelling his sprinter to victory in those heart-pounding final moments.

During this episode of the Castelli Podcast, the Olympic Madison gold champion opens up about lead-out strategies, how he became the ultimate lead-out man, his most cherished victories, his favorite Castelli gear, and more.

We're sure you'll find plenty to glean from our conversation with Michael, adding to your enjoyment as you watch those exciting sprint finishes.

MATTEO TRENTIN | 2023 World Championships, Glasgow

In this episode, we'll take a deep dive into the elite men's race, discussing the course, race favorites, tactics, weather, the aero performance gear the Italian national team will be wearing, and how to fuel to maximize performance for such a challenging race distance.

Joining us today, we have Team Italia's very experienced leader, Matteo Trentin, with 8 Road World Championships under his belt.

Dani Hofstetter, a professional sports nutritionist, will provide us with insights on how to face such a long and demanding race as the elite men's road race.

Last but not least, our third guest is Castelli's in-house race performance product specialist, who will give us some insights into what the Italian team will have in their cycling clothing arsenal for the road races.

ASHLEIGH MOOLMAN-PASIO | Breaking New Ground in Cycling

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of speaking with South African professional cyclist Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio after she joined the Castelli equipped AG Insurance - Soudal Quick-Step team.

We covered a bunch of exciting topics, like her journey into professional cycling, how Zwift can help boost cycling performance, her impressive QOM Strava record on the famous Rocacorba climb near Girona, her fantastic community-building efforts, and her dedication to empowering women's cycling.

We even got to dive into the world of the Rocacorba Cycling business and much more. It was such a fun and insightful conversation which we hope you’ll enjoy!

PAOLO BETTINI | Maratona dles Dolomites

Today we enter the world of one of the most exciting, incredible, and fascinating amateur cycling events: the Maratona dles Dolomites. And to make this episode special, we are accompanied by a guest who has made a mark on this event and in the world of cycling, as well as being a true legend of the sport: Paolo Bettini.

Having participated in the Maratona a remarkable 13 times, Paolo has shared his stories and precious advice and insights for an amateur cyclist who is preparing to do the Maratona for the first time.

During our meeting, we discussed various topics, including the transformation of cycling equipment from 15-20 years ago compared to today.

Enjoy listening in Italian!

Maratona dles Dolomites | The Ultimate Bike Event + WIN a slot for the 2024 Edition!

Join us as we take dive deep into the twists and turns of the queen of all gran fondos with our special guests, Paolo Bettini, who has won almost everything in his road cycling career, Igor Tavella, a well-known figure in the cycling community, and Richard Pesters of PEZ Cyclingnews.

Listen carefully to the podcast chapter with Igor Tavella on how many participants entered the first Maratona edition in 1987 and, by answering correctly, you will have the chance to win one of two slots for the 2024 Maratona dles Dolomites edition!

Leave your answer here: www.castelli-cycling.com/maratona

Q&A with Castelli

In this episode, we sit down with Castelli’s product and Race Performance manager, Alvin Nordell, who joins the show for the first time to answer the comments and questions from our social media and email. This episode hosts a variety of information on sizing, care information, hot weather and aero products for road and gravel riding, and so much more, all of which is inspired by your questions.

Kasper Asgreen

In this second episode of Pro Stories, we sit down with Kasper Asgreen of Soudal Quick-Step, for a funny and inspiring conversation on his way into professional cycling, one-day classic races, favorite Castelli race gear, insider Wolfpack stories, and more.

Giro d'Italia & Marginal Gains

In this episode of our podcast, we'll talk to Castelli's brand manager Steve Smith about the Giro d'Italia and marginal gains. Steve will take you behind the scenes, revealing the cutting-edge aerodynamic and foul-weather gear supplied to the pros at the Corsa Rosa. In addition, Steve will share his insights into wind tunnel testing, offering a glimpse into the innovative products that can make a substantial difference in your cycling performance.


In this first episode of Pro Stories, we'll talk to current Road World Champion Remco Evenepoel about his outstanding 2022 dream season, hear about his first Castelli memory, what Castelli products make his life as a professional cyclist a little easier, and take a closer look at his 2023 season goals with a big dive into the Giro d'Italia.
remco evenepoel
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