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When looking at the Giro, we are captured by a single perspective: that of the race with the athletes who challenge each other to the last minute, sometimes even to the last seconds. The focus is on the rhythm of the pedaling, the sweat dripping from their faces, the expressions of fatigue, the hunger for revenge, and the energy that transpires in every single movement of theirs.

Today, we want to change your perspective and take you to experience the Giro in a different way diving into the behind-the-scenes and the anticipation that precedes the arrival of the riders. A combination of people, cities,and places that come together in a perfect Tetris where the glue is the anticipation and excitement for the race and the arrival of the athletes.


Stage 18th: from Fiera di Primiero to Padova

We are in Fiera di Primiero, the start of our 18th stage. Here, the pink blends with nature and the mountain landscape takes on new life, warmed by the crowd of people and the energy that only a Giro stage can create. In the streets generations mingle: there are excited children who have not slept for days, alongside elderly people reliving the good old days of cycling, when everything was more authentic and raw. There are those who have gotten on their bikes taking a day off from work to pursue one of the passions that keeps them alive and free. There is a mother who takes a photo of her family, aware that it will become a precious memory destined to be framed and placed on a shelf in the living room - or these days - archived in a cloud, in the folder of family digital albums. There are grandparents holding their grandchildren's hands, their eyes full of enthusiasm and the desire to transmit - to those they hold most dear - the love and lightheartedness of enjoying every moment and the simplicity that surrounds them.
Walking around, you can hear English, German, and Spanish sounds, a tangible sign of how this sport not only unites different generations but also cultures and people from all corners of the world. The Giro d'Italia thus becomes a global meeting point, where language differences melt away in the shared passion for cycling and the thrill of competition.


As we move from the start and continue our journey, we meet those who have decided to get on their bikes to see the start of the stage. We move almost disturbing their cadence, in a delicate balance between the desire to experience the excitement of the race up close and the silence that precedes it.
All along the way, we let ourselves be infected by the enthusiasm. There are entire villages decorated with pink balloons and banners, there are people who have camped out with festival tables and gazebos ready to celebrate. There is a banner that reads "after my mother, I only have cycling" a testament to the fact that this sport is so deeply rooted that it is associated with one of the things that Italians hold most dear.
If only we could capture the energy of those who are along the roads, eagerly waiting, it would be wonderful to stop time and allow these moments of joy to spread into our daily routine.
As we approach Padua, the flow of people along the route does not show any signs of decreasing; on the contrary, it seems to grow in intensity and number. We find ourselves increasingly immersed in the pink that adorns every railing, terrace, and field along our journey. It is as if the entire landscape plunges into the magical atmosphere of the Giro d'Italia, enthusiastically embracing the passage of the race and celebrating the emotion it brings with it.


Here we are, just a few kilometers from the finish line where the energy is palpable with every step we take. The majestic basilica of Sant'Antonio stands out to our left, as if to remind us that this special place is even more meaningful today. As we move forward, a roar of enthusiasm rises from the crowd: there is not a single person who does not greet us, who does not cheer our arrival. Thousands of photos and videos are taken, eager to immortalize our presence and share this special moment so that it can be relived whenever you want.

The enthusiasm of the caravan and the boys who make it up merges with that of the people crowded behind the barriers waiting for the one who will cross the finish line. The same anticipation that we have immortalized all along the route in a whirlwind of emotions. The anticipation that makes us hold our breath and widen our eyes when the winner is crowned.We remain filled with gratitude for the opportunity to live and share this adventure, aware that every moment is part of an exciting story that continues to be written, stage after stage, in the hearts of those who love cycling.

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