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Steer clear of counterfeit Castelli products

Castelli’s success has led to our products – like those of many other world-leading brands – being copied by counterfeiters.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. An unreal price bargain is one of the surest signs of an unreal product. Ask yourself how someone can sell, for example, a brand-new €249.95 Castelli Windstopper® jacket for €60 – chances are it’s because it’s a fake.

Protect yourself by buying only authentic Castelli products from your local or online authorized Castelli retailer to ensure the best quality and service.

To find an authorized Castelli Retailer click here.

How do you spot a fake product online?
Here’s a brief guide on how to steer clear of counterfeit Castelli garments.

Do your research before you buy

  1. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Compare the price to the recommended retail price offered by one of our authorized online resellers. If there’s a big difference in price, you can be 99% sure the product is a counterfeit.
  3. Check the www.castelli-cycling.com website first. It has close-up pictures, from all angles, of every Castelli garment.

General website look and feel

An authorized online retailer is likely to have a professional-looking website with contact information and a helpline. The website should be relatively free of grammatical errors and misspellings.

Verify contact information

  1. Check the retailer’s contact information – Google the address to figure out who the reseller is. If you don’t find or see these details, don’t buy.
  2. Check where the site is located. Is it China, Brazil, India? If you’re worried, try calling the number provided to check the quality of the phone response. Make sure the number works properly and the response sounds and feels professional.


  1. Nothing beats a positive reputation. Trusted online stores provide you a way to give feedback on your buying experience. Google the retailer and read what other customers say, and you’ll soon find out if the site is legitimate. However, if you see multiple reviews that all sound similar to one another, you should be on high alert. This could be a sign of someone who’s getting paid per review.
  2. A number of organizations such as PayPal, Verisign and Trusted Shops provide some sort of verification and seal of approval. However, these logos can be copied, so be cautious.

Online auctions

Large online auctions with customers offering thousands of items for sale every day are easily exploited by counterfeiters. Take care! You should check the authenticity of anything that’s being offered as a new Castelli product.

Product images

Counterfeiters will copy Castelli’s own product pictures and specifications on their websites. Correct images of the product do not necessarily mean the website is legitimate.

Contact us

Protect yourself by buying only authentic Castelli products from an authorized retailer. If you're concerned about a website, please click here to contact our Customer Service team and we can let you know if the site is an authorized retailer or not. If you think you've purchased a fake Castelli product, we'd also appreciate hearing from you, so we can have our trademark enforcement specialists check out the site.

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