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The PROGETTO X2 AIR seat pad is used with its ventilated skin-care layer to keep you cool. Its two-layer design and multi-density padding ensures excellent comfort no matter how long your epic ride is.

1. Skin Care Layer
A four-way stretch, microdenier, seamless, bacteriostatic layer made to adapt to the shape of your body and saddle without any folds in the fabric. Air flows right into the surface fabric to aid evaporation.

2. Seamless Integrated Cushioning Layer
Multi-density foam with infinitely variable thickness. The thickness of the pad is engineered to place the padding where you need it most for maximum comfort.

3. Viscous Comfort Inserts
Perforated viscous padding is added under the highly sensitive ishial and perineum pressure areas.


A new improved shape, higher-density foam and a softer top fabric make the KISS pad more comfortable than ever.

1. Seamless Skin Care Layer
The softest-ever fabric next to your skin for immediate and long-lasting comfort. Seamlessly engineered to reduce chafing and abrasion. Stretchy to move with you.

2. Dual-Density Infinitely Variable Thickness
Dual-density infinitely variable thickness gives you the perfect cushioning in every part of the pad. Maximum thickness and density in the ischial zone, tapering to moderate thickness under
the perineum and minimum thickness at the perimeter.


3. Anatomical Shape
Comfort is further enhanced by the creation of a perfect interface to your body during every pedal stroke.


Multi-density KISS TRI-pad foam is optimized for aerobar position on the bike, and practically disappears during the swim and run.

1. Seamless Skin Care Layer
A super soft, brushed microfiber top that maximizes comfort and fit. Seamlessly engineered to eliminate chafing and abrasion.
Flexible to move with you. Bacteriostatic treatment to avoid saddle sores and infection.

2. Multi Density Foam
Specifically designed for the triathlete. Minimum bulk doesn’t get in the way during the swim and run legs.
Extra fast drying foam prevents chafing on the bike.
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