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If you ride a bike, investing in a good pair of cycling-specific shorts is one of the best things you can do to enhance your riding experience, whether you prefer road or gravel. While it may seem unnecessary to wear technical clothing just for a casual bike ride, cycling shorts are designed with comfort and performance in mind, making them a crucial piece of gear for any serious cyclist.

They provide a range of benefits. First, they feature a padded seat-pad that absorbs shock and reduces pressure on the sit bones, preventing pain and discomfort on long rides. Second, the moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep the rider dry and comfortable by reducing sweat buildup, while the form-fitting design reduces wind resistance and enhances speed and efficiency.

All these features result in shorts able to guarantee comfort, muscle support and aerodynamic advantages, which take your cycling experience to the next level.
So, don't forget to grab a pair of cycling-specific shorts before your next ride!


Castelli has selected a comprehensive range of cycling garments, including some bibshorts, and organized them into four distinct categories: Premio, Pro, Endurance and Elements.

Our most exclusive category, Premio, boasts the highest quality garments, made with precision and attention to detail, like our Premio Black Bibshort for men and our Premio Black W Bibshort for women.
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The Pro gear features the very same garments that are favored by professional cyclists in their most grueling competitions. Here you can find our Free Aero RC Bibshort and Superleggera Bibshort for men, and our Free Aero RC W Bibshort for women.
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For those seeking long-lasting comfort, the Endurance garments are tailored to keep you comfortable all day long, making those longer rides a breeze. Our Espresso Bibshort and Endurance 3 Bibshort for men, as well as our Espresso W DT BibshortEndurance W Bibshort and Velocissima 3 Bibshort for women, belong to this category.
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Lastly, the Elements garments don't compromise on quality, but instead offer a more accessible option to those starting out on their cycling journey. We’re talking about bibshorts like our Competizione and Entrata 2 for men, and our Prima for women.
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When searching for cycling shorts, people tend to look for a variety of attributes. Here are some common attributes you might consider when choosing our cycling shorts.

This is often the most important attribute people look for. A good pair of cycling shorts should be comfortable to wear, especially during long rides. Features such as padded seat-padbreathable fabric and a good fit are all important for comfort. Made from high-quality stretchy materials, our cycling shorts, like our most comfortable Premio Black Bibshort or our new Espresso Bibshort, allow a full range of motion and prevent chafing or irritation.
Cycling is a sweaty activity, especially when it’s hot. People want cycling shorts that can wick away moisture and keep them dry and comfortable. Our shorts, made with moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester and Lycra® blends, keep riders cool and dry by drawing sweat away from the skin and allowing it to evaporate. Their excellent moisture management is key to their comfort and performance benefits, allowing riders to focus on the road ahead, without being distracted by discomfort or irritation.
Cycling shorts can be an investment, so people want a pair that will last. For this reason, looking for shorts made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent washing and wear is essential for any serious cyclist. We’re talking about fabrics like our Endurance Evolution featured in the Endurance 3 Bibshort, known for its durability, lightweight and breathability. Flatlock seams and high-quality seat-pads, typically made from materials like foam which are resistant to compression, also contribute to their durability. To keep them in excellent condition, it's crucial to follow proper care instructions, such as avoiding fabric softeners or bleach and hang-drying them instead of using a dryer. By taking good care of your cycling shorts, you can ensure that they last for many rides to come.
A good fit is vital to enhance performance and prevent discomfort. The use of stretchy high-quality materials like Lycra® ensures a snug fit and freedom of movement, allowing shorts to guarantee great muscle support without being too tight. Bibshorts offer additional support, and a high waistband keeps the shorts in place and prevents back pain. Adjustable straps also distribute weight and prevent slipping. Finally, it goes without saying that correct size selection is also important for an optimal fit and to avoid restriction or chafing. In this regard, we advise you to carefully consult the size table provided by us.
Breathability is one of the crucial aspects to consider when looking for a comfortable and high-performing cycling short or bibshort, especially during the warm months. When it comes to breathability, the type of fabric used plays a significant role. The use of lightweight and breathable materials such as mesh on bib straps or pockets allows for optimal air circulation, which in turn promotes efficient evaporation of sweat and heat dissipation. This means that you can stay cool and dry, even during extended rides in hot conditions. Additionally, the excellent breathability of cycling shorts not only enhances your riding experience, but it also helps to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant odors, keeping you feeling fresh and clean. A perfect example of breathable short is our Superleggera Bibshort, also used by professionals during the hottest summer days.
Aero plays a critical role in cycling as it studies the movement of air around an object. Reducing wind resistance significantly improves a cyclist's speed and performance, making aerodynamics essential in cycling shorts. These garments have a snug fit, lightweight fabric, and allow air to flow through. Some have features like strategically placed seams, panels, and textured fabrics that reduce drag and enhance airflow. Non-slip grips are also included in some garments to keep the shorts in place and decrease air turbulence. Aero is vital for cycling shorts, improving the speed and performance of both professional and recreational riders. Investing in high-quality, aerodynamic cycling shorts, like our Free Aero RC Bibshort, can make a significant difference in performance.
While not as important as comfort and performance, many people also consider style when choosing cycling shorts. Castelli's cycling shorts are known for their attention to detail and stylish design. Our designs are sleek, modern and minimalist, with the distinctive scorpion logo, instantly recognizable among cyclists the world over, often featured. As for colors, Castelli has always gone for versatile hues that tend to pair well with many different cycling jerseys. Compared to last year, we have a wider variety this year. In addition to the classic black, some models of bib shorts are available in new shades of blue and gray or in bolder colors such as bordeaux and green to suit the tastes of every cyclist. Our Espresso Bibshort is even available in 8 different color variants, making the collection even more appreciated from an aesthetic point of view.
Last but not least is the versatility of these shorts. The Espresso Bibshort is designed to be paired with the Espresso Jersey, so it is the short for everyone, used by professionals during their training rides as well as by recreational riders. Additionally, the comfortable fit it offers makes it ideal for long rides and sunny days when you don't know what to wear.


The seat pads used are two. The first one is our most comfortable Progetto X2 Air Seamless, found in the Free Aero Rc Bibshort, Superleggera Bibshort, Espresso BibshortPremio Black Bibshort and Endurance 3 Bibshort. It features a ventilated skin-care layer that keeps you cool during long rides and has a two-layer design with multi-density padding for exceptional comfort. The skin-care layer is seamless, adaptable to your body shape, and promotes air circulation for evaporation. The integrated cushioning layer uses varying foam thickness to provide padding where it's needed most. Additionally, perforated viscous padding is included under sensitive pressure areas for added comfort.
The second one is the KISS Air2, found in the Competizione Bibshort and Entrata 2 Bibshort. It offers long-lasting comfort with a softer top fabric, a seamless skin care layer to reduce chafing, and stretchability. It features dual-density, variable thickness for optimal cushioning, with the highest density in the ischial zone and decreasing towards the perineum and perimeter. Additionally, its anatomical shape ensures a perfect fit during pedal strokes, enhancing overall comfort.
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