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An important distinction we can make when it comes to our jackets is between road jackets and gravel jackets. Since they are designed for different cycling disciplines and environments, there are some small differences between the two.
Castelli's road jackets, like the Alpha Doppio RoS Jacket and the Fly Thermal Jacket, are typically designed with a more aerodynamic and form-fitting cut, often tailored to reduce air resistance and enhance speed. Since they prioritize ventilation, they often feature well-placed breathable panels to prevent overheating during intense efforts. In addition, visibility features such as reflective elements and bright colors are commonly found in road cycling jackets, as safety on roads is a significant concern.
On the other hand, Castelli's gravel jackets, like the Trail GT Jacket and the Trail Hoodie Jacket, tend to have a more relaxed fit and might prioritize durability over breathability. They often include more and larger pockets for extra tools, snacks, or other essentials for extended off-road adventures, even multi-day ones. In addition to protecting from wind and rain, they are generally designed to resist abrasion and mud splashes, as riding on gravel can expose riders to harsher conditions. Finally, while visibility is still important, it may not be as critical in gravel riding, so these jackets might not have as many visibility-enhancing features.
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