Fabric with engineered air exchange to keep you warm and dry even at maximum effort levels

  1. Windproof and waterproof outer layer with air pockets for weightless insulation
  2. Stitching holes provide 7 times more air permeability than traditional membrane fabrics
  3. Fleece layer for comfort and warmth


PowerLycra® gives ACTION its body hugging feeling that has been proven in laboratory tests to reduce muscle fatigue. Soft against the skin, microdenier for comfort.The abrasion resistant outer surface provides uncomparable durability.


You will feel an immediate connection with AFFINITY LYCRA®. Providing ultimate support for your muscles and stretch with the body, AFFINITY has great rebound and reshaping qualities. The hydrophilic wicking keeps you dry throughout your ride.


eVent waterproof fabric keeps you dry in wet conditions. It’s waterproof outside while allowing perspiration to escape from the inside through millions of tiny pores. In fact, eVent is 30% more breathable than its next closest competitor. eVent is the smartest choice for athletes who need and demand the highest possible performance and comfort from their apparel.


Exclusively engineered by Castelli. We take our thermal fleecy stretch Thermoflex fabric and coat it with millions of tiny nanofilaments to create the most water-repellent fabric finish ever. Drops of water stay as spherical balls on top of the fabric or bounce off the fabric without leaving a trace.


  1. Prosecco hydrophilic treatment spreads moisture over a larger surface area within the fabric for faster evaporation.
  2. 3D structure of the fabric holds the surface of the fabric off the skin, improving wicking and reducing cling, keeping you dry and comfortable.


Lightweight fabric incorporates energy-activated technology to cool better than with sweat evaporation alone. The dynamic print pattern fades at higher temperatures to show you where it’s working. 50+ UPF sun protection.


  1. Prosecco hydrophilic treatment spreads moisture over a larger surface area within the fabric for faster evaporation.
  2. Dual layer construction actively moves moisture to the outside of the fabric to keep the inner surface dry.
  3. Engineered stretch provides perfect fit and comfort.


Our Rosso Corsa label is only applied to the highest-level products we make. Every thread and fiber, every curve and contour is obsessed about. Rosso Corsa represents a categorical breakthrough in cycling innovation and the meticulous craftsmanship you expect from Castelli’s performance-enhancing apparel.


Using the technology of SG0.6, SG0.6WIND sandwiches a wind membrane between two layers of SG0.6 fabric. Trapped air in the fibers provide excellent insulation in cold while allowing airflow to evaporate sweat. It’s the lightest windproof baselayer developed for the professional in all of us.


RIDING IN COMFORT ALL DAY LONG Softlex fabric has a soft stretch with a cotton-like feel and comfort.


RIDING IN COMFORT ALL DAY LONG Softlex RS fabric improves support and rebound with a cotton-like feel for all day comfort.


With outstanding stretch, luxuriously soft and warm Thermoflex is ideal for cold weather apparel.

  1. Fleecy inside traps a layer of warm air next to your skin.
  2. High stretch allows for an aerodynamic fit.


Thermoflex times two. We’ve extended the comfort range of Thermoflex in both directions. The Core2 version features a polyester inner layer with a nylon outer layer, giving a push-pull moisture transport system that keeps you drier so you’re comfortable in conditions when regular Thermoflex is too warm. But that polyester inner layer is made with hollow-core yarns for extra insulation, and with a tighter knit that keeps more air out.


Warmer is more than a name, it’s exactly what the fabric delivers during workouts. Its fleecy inside keeps you warm, while 100% polyester fibers quickly wick sweat away. It’s the fabric of choice when thermal insulation is equally important as moisture management.


This soft, 4-way stretch Windstopper® fabric is extremely lightweight and breathable.

  1. Breathable outer and inner shell keeps the wind out.
  2. Windstopper® technology makes it ideal for use in cool weather.


Prosecco hydrophilic treatment spreads moisture over a larger surface area within the fabric for faster evaporation.


1. Seamless straps use GIRO3 elastic for lay-flat comfort

2. Grippers are knitted into the leg fabric. No stitching, no binding

3. The short portion is made with a single piece of engineered Power Stretch Lycra® designed to support muscle function


Vortex dimpled fabric on legs for aero performance and muscle support without constricting.


Endurance Evolution fabric provides optimum muscle support and feels dryer in nearly all conditions.


Lightweight polyester fabric dries almost instantly. Controlled stretch allows for luxurious comfort and unmatched aerodynamic fit.


100% polyester multidenier fabric. The 3D weave reduces contact area with your skin to provide excellent wicking. It dries in the blink of an eye and in fact is the ideal fabric for hot-weather racing


The highly stretchable Windstopper® X-Lite fabric moves naturally with your body and doesn’t restrict movement. It also delivers unprecedented performance, with 100% wind protection, and up to ten times greater breathability compared to other windproof fabrics


Soft and stretchy with a cotton hand and look, Softlex provides outstanding moisture management and comfort. Excellent for cycling inside and outside.


Primaloft® Yarn insulation is soft against the foot while working to trap body heat and wick moisture away from the foot.

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active

Introducing breathable insulation for active lifestyles. Specifically designed to resist migration, the permanent water-repellent ultra-fine fibers in PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Active deliver exceptional softness, warmth and loft, along with superior water resistance. This highly-breathable insulation doesn’t limit fabric choices, comfort levels or seasons.This highly-breathable insulation doesn’t limit fabric choices, comfort levels or seasons.


OutDry® patented technology achieves a fully water- proof, windproof and breathable laminated glove outer shell. With OutDry®, the elements are stopped at the first layer and with no extra layer of water, gloves breathe better and stay flexible.

Gore-Tex Active

Durably Water & Windproof.
Water bounces off surface.
Extremely Breathable Water vapor (sweat) easily escapes.