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It is really good

It is very expensive for what it is, however, there are offers around. The bag is in two compartments, which separate. Bottom is for shoes. The top has two small folding sections to put kit in like a Gillet. The main section has mesh pockets round it which are ideal for spare socks, spare overshoes, spare arm warmers, spare head warmer. In the centre section you are going to put your waterproof and thermal jacket or Gabba. Put it in the car and go to your race. If the weather changes you have what you need. If you are lucky enough to have support / helpers give the bag to them. If it rains you can ask for your gloves "which are in the second pocket of my main section". The size is good as it is small enough to fit anywhere. Clips to put a shoulder strap on would have been useful for when your support is not in a car. Red mesh pockets and folding sections make it easier to find things. If you are organised you will love this. If you race you will love this. However, at full price this is very expensive, but it would make a wonderful present for a racing or sportive rider. Submitted on  09 November 2020  by  nick


You can jam all your possible race or ride clothes in this slick bag. Often we don't need a rain jacket or arm warmers or headband, and then some random weather rolls in. You will always have what you need for unpredictable riding conditions! I love the size of this bag. Submitted on  13 Juni 2019  by  @annefrogie

Love my race rain bag!

This bag is so great for a multitude of reasons. There is a pocket for everything you can imagine bringing to your race/ride. There's space for your cleats and your helmet, too! Everything fits nicely and even if you aren't a super organized person, you will have everyone fooled. If you are into little pockets and organization, you are going to love this bag. If you are always missing things on race day, you will love keeping this bag stocked so you are better prepared next time. Submitted on  18 Mai 2019  by  Carmen Tomas, Portland, OR Castelli Staff

ce sac est un ''must have''

Je suis allé faire une min-camp d'entrainement en Floride de 5 jours et je suis arrivé à entrer tous les vêtements que j,avais besoin!!! (2 kits complet). Y a plusieurs poches qui permettent de ranger et classer les items. Vraiment bien pensé! Le sac idéal pour aller faire les courses et ne pas trainer un gros sac! Submitted on  27 März 2019  by  JBoisvert

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Technische Daten
  • 30 x 25 x 20cm
  • Die Tasche der Profis, um wesentliche Utensilien für den Renntag aufzubewahren
  • Belüftetes Schuhfach mit Reißverschluss an der Unterseite
  • Schuhfach kann abgetrennt werden
  • Netz-Innenfächer
  • Aufklappbare Fächer
  • Reflektierende Akzente
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