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Castelli Emergency Rain Jacket is Versatile

I bought this jacket in a pinch. I was riding past a bike shop in the rain, and went in to see what they had. During the rest of my ride, it kept me warm and dry. Preparing for other rides, I found myself reaching for it and pairing it with base layers and different long sleeved jerseys. Then the ultimate test- I wore it during an event that turned out to be a 60-mile cyclocross race, in 40 degree Fahrenheit weather, and it rained for the last 3 of the 5 hours I was on course. Paired with a fleecy long sleeve jersey and a base layer, this jacket kept the full-on rain off me and kept me warm the whole time.These experiences altogether have turned this jacket into one of the best purchases I’ve made. I don’t think this piece is particularly breathable, which it hasn’t been designed to be. Because of this I wear less layers underneath, and allow the lack of breathability to work in my favor as a greenhouse of sorts. In the cold rain, this idea works flawlessly. The gussets are a genius idea, and the bright yellow is something that makes me feel safe. I am 6’, 165 lbs, and have a 39” chest, and I think if I wanted a true race fit, I could have fit into the Medium. The large is a great ‘comfortable’ cut that if the weather is dry allows enough of a draft inside to keep me from getting too clammy. The arms are long enough to cover me with a little extra to boot— I always struggle finding dress shirts with the right arm length. I don’t think the material/shell is strong enough to support pockets, so a double zipper would be a fantastic addition to a future iteration of this jacket for easy access to the jersey pockets this jacket keeps dry. It doesn’t pack down to an astonishingly small size, but it certainly fits in a pocket with a little room to spare. Quite frankly, this jacket has fully exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone. Buy it. Inviata il  06 dicembre 2019  da  Abner Miralda

More than just Emergency

As as price point jacket, this thing deserves more credit than being called "Emergency". This is a go-to item for riding in potential inclement weather. Does not breathe well like the more expensive jackets, but runs true to size, easily folds into one jersey pocket, and is tough enough that it can be used for mountain biking off-piste. Tons of bang for the buck! Inviata il  19 maggio 2019  da  Todd Littlehales


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verranno presi in gestione a partire dal 19 agosto per chiusura estiva.


Specifiche tecniche
  • Tessuto impermeabile Deluge Light 2.5-layer con colonna d’acqua di 10,000 mm
  • Leggermente elasticizzata per una vestibilità perfetta in bicicletta
  • La puoi tenere in solo metà tasca in caso di emergenza
  • Sistema innovativo per far scorrere l’acqua via dalle mani e dalla schiena
  • Zip impermeabile e cuciture termonastrate garantiscono totale impermeabilità
  • 5°-18°C / 40°-65°F
  • Peso: 175g
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