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good stuff

I have worn this mainly in winter/autumn rides and my every day commute in winter for the last 2 years. Incredible temp range, from 0 degrees (two layers underneath) to 18 degrees. sweat evaporates well during biking and the rain resistance is reasonable. when wet the jersey dries quickly. Saw some comments phone does get damp in pocket, this is true, sweat evaporates through the fabric and so also goes through the pockets so it is hardly a surprise the phone gets damp. rather have that than a wet undergarments. Love the tight fit and great looks! Thanks for a great product Castelli! Submitted on  13 septiembre 2019  by  PJ van Herel

Light, Warm, Race cut.

I wear this jacket in a huge temp. rage, from 40-degree endurance, rides to 55-degree races with the sleeves off. It is perfect for PNW riding, where any day it could rain. This fits a little bit bigger than Castelli jerseys, so I would check your size or consider sizing down. Submitted on  24 mayo 2019  by  Michael B. Tankus

The fit is excellent, needs zippable vent holes

The fit is excellent, but It's not breathable so you get wet from the inside. My major concern is the lack of vent holes to let air escape from within the jacket (I get warm very quickly). I then open the zip slightly to regulate the temperature inside the jacket and it just inflates like a parachute as there are no vent holes for air to escape. Other winter jackets have zippable vent holes that can be opened and closed when needed, and that's what this jacket needs. Submitted on  02 diciembre 2017  by  Tomaz

Great versatility

What I liked the most about this jacket was how well designed are the removable sleeves. The zippers keep the sleeves perfectly enclosed, so I never felt any cold air or light rain going through them, and if it got too hot, I just took them off. (Reviewed by a Castelli employee. Proud of this product) Submitted on  25 octubre 2017  by  MC

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Resistencia al viento
Resistencia al agua
Características del Producto
  • Proporciona total aerodinámica, transpirabilidad y protección
  • Tejido ligero cortaviento Gore® Windstopper® X-Lite Plus con tratamiento repelente al agua
  • Saca las mangas para obtener un Perfetto Jersey de manga corta
  • Paneles en tejido Nano Flex debajo de los brazos
  • Parte trasera más larga para proteger de las salpicaduras de agua de la rueda
  • Banda de silicona en la cintura para evitar que se suba
  • Cremallera de longitud integral YKK® Vislon con solapa cortaviento
  • 3 bolsillos en la parte trasera con orificios de drenaje cortados con láser
  • 6°-18°C / 43°-64°F
  • Peso:457g
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