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on - but no more than that

OK - but no more I would love to say that I love these overshoes, but I don't. The idea is perfect, the execution needs work. The idea is a thin waterproof overshoe which is ideal for racing. The material is great. It is windproof and stretchy and the fit is pretty aero. That said I don't think that it breathes that well and after riding in the dry, I noted dampness on the inside. However, the key issue is once again fit. I am size 43 and wear a racing shoe (70kgs). So the large size is meant to fit 43-44. The length of the cover is good, but the instep is too tight. This seems to be a problem for me in many Castelli overshoes. This means I spend the first 30mins of the ride trying to get the overshoe to be comfortable and not feel as if it is squashing my foot. The diagonal zips seem pointless (vs straight), they add weight (as longer) and they reduce stretch. The Velco round the top also seems pointless as you cannot really make the top tighter given that the stretch in the overshoe material and zip determines the width at the top of the overshoe anyway. FYI, I find that pulling the heel hole back as far as you can improves the feel around the instep. If you have bought a pair of S-Works Ares shoes to reduce instep pressure then I would think very carefully before buying and make sure that you try the overshoe on. That said, I would use use them to race in the wet. So if you are looking for a more robust VeloToze for wet days and you have a low instep, then take a look at these. Submitted on  08 Oktober 2021  by  nick (uk)


After 35+ years of riding & trying countless shoecovers of all types, neoprene,latex & lycra I believe I have finally found the Grail of shoecovers These Pioggerella's not only fit & feel great but they function perfectly! I have tried so many covers over the years & they all leaked at the top, zippers, bottom etc. But these Pioggerella's are ingenious in their approach. They have a nice zipper that runs diagonally & also has a light latex like flap at top that is secured by a Velcro strap. To top it off there is a silicon band inside the top edge. They fit perfectly are comfortable & go unnoticed during ride. After returning from a pretty wet ride I found my shoes & socks nice,dry & clean! Excellent & happy to at last have a shoecover that works Submitted on  02 Juli 2021  by  Mike

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Technische Daten
  • Wasserresistenter, nicht isolierter Überschuh für kühle und feuchte Bedingungen
  • PU-beschichtetes, dehnbares und wasserdichtes Material
  • Manschette mit griffigem Silikonabschluss, um Wasser abzuhalten
  • Überlappende Reißverschlusskonstruktion für optimale Passform und Komfort
  • Abriebfestes Material an der Sohle
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