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Finally I found it!

It took me years and at least to buy 5 thermo jackets, till I finally got the best one ever! I am cycling daily a total of 70 km to get to work at any weather and in winter. This year I was looking up ski jackets, as I always got cold, not believing in bike jackets any more. A friend gave me a hind, I gave it a try.. it’s stunning. I reduced my clothing to only 1 shirt below this jacket with -5, it’s just great! I can only recommend this masterpiece... Submitted on  22 April 2020  by  Thomas Schneider

Inferiore alle Aspetattive

Giacca comoda da indossare. Molto scomoda la zip che non si apre con una mano sola, nonostante la giacca calzi perfettamente aderente. Le minime temperature di utilizzo, almeno per me, sono fittizie. A meno di non fare una passeggiata sul lungomare, freddo e vento si fanno sentire e come, anche alle temperature di utilizzo massime dichiarate. Decisamente deludente considerato in costo. Submitted on  01 March 2020  by  Stefano Chiocchini

Helluva jacket...

If I could give it 10 stars I would. I'm normally an Assos man but I was attracted to the Alpha Ros because of the front zip pocket and overwhelming positive reviews. All I can say is it has performed beyond my expectations. I just returned from a typical winter in NYC ride...40 F with wind gusts of 35 mph making the real temp in the range of 25-30 F. Wearing only a long sleeve base layer I was kept toasty the entire 4 hours. The wind chill was not a factor. And this jacket did a wicked job of wicking my perspiration, my base layer and jacket remaining dry through out. The only moisture was an accumulation in the real pockets. These jackets run ridiculously small, my 5'10", 185 lb frame normally fits a Castelli large jersey/xlarge jacket. I had to go with the XXL here still with a snug fit. were the only retailers I found to carry the XXL. I don't know what larger riders do but I'm happy as hell. Grazie mille Castelli ! Submitted on  28 February 2020  by  Stephen Whyte

Excellent jacket down to 25°; runs v. small

I commute 20 miles by cycle daily, year-round, in the Washington DC area, and hope to offer perspective on the jacket other than as racing kit, or for winter club road cycling. I need something that will keep me warm in temps into and below the 20s (F), as well as dry on rainy 40° days. The jacket does a good job on both fronts. It is comfortably wind-resistant, and presents the happy option of leaving the outer layer open on slightly warmer days; and its water repellence is excellent. It's a very nice jacket and I am happy with my purchase. My only complaint about the construction is that the zipper for the inner lining is very light weight, and more than once has separated on the wrong side of (i.e. below) the slider, which is time-consuming and a bother to remedy, and leaves me fretting that in fixing it, I might break it for good. A slightly more robust zipper would be a good idea. I am not certain how well suited the jacket will be for temperatures lower than about 25°F. As others have noted, the fit is quite snug. I'm 6 feet, 195 lbs, which is distributed about as one might expect on someone who is (sigh) slightly on the far side of middle age. I am not fat but you would not call me slender either. In real life I'm an XL at most, but here I purchased a 3XL, which is form-fitting even worn over a single layer. On my coldest day so far, mid-20s, I was able to fit three thin wool layers under the jacket. I was warm enough, but could not really have insulated myself further. I don't know if the combination will be sufficient for temps in the teens or below. In fairness this is probably asking more of the jacket than is justified, and I offer this observation just as a data point for anyone whose particular needs are along the lines of mine. Generally? Recommended. Quite happy. Submitted on  14 January 2020  by  John Dorsey

Best Cycling Jacket

I tried my new Alpha ROS Jacket on Ride at around 6 degrees Celcius Temperature and and with lots of winds, gusts up to 50 km/h. I was only wearing a long arm Baselayer and it was fantastic. I never felt the wind or the Windchill. It is quite expensive, but the jacket is worth it. Submitted on  16 December 2019  by  Joerg

Senza dubbio ottima per l'inverno....però.....

Bella giacca da inverno ottima per il freddo, arrivata in poco tempo prima del previsto felice di aver indovinato la taglia .Ma allo stesso tempo un po rammaricato davanti ho trovato una scucitura che non mi ha fatto piacere visto anche il costo . La tengo perché ho paura di non trovare più la taglia per me VANNO VIA A RUBA una disattenzione ma il capo è bellissimo . PER QUESTO DO UNA STELLINA IN MENO . Submitted on  26 November 2019  by  Mauro

Totally impressed and pleased!

Wore my new Alpha Ros jacket for the first time today. Despite temp in low 40s Fahrenheit, I felt comfortably warm after just a few minutes with just a merino wool blend base layer. And, never too sweaty either. Total comfort - truly amazing and impressive. The design is awesome and this jacket is worth the price. Submitted on  15 November 2019  by  David Diskin

Great jacket

Got this jacket last week. Nice looking jacket feels like you’re wearing a jersey. Definitely a great purchase Submitted on  13 November 2019  by  DocNasty

Very nice and attractive!

I have used an Esspresso jacket through 2 winter seasons and am completely impressed. It is warm, windproof and comfortable. It layers pretty well and simply works. I also have - this year - purchased the Alpha Ros jacket. Also very nice. I compared them on the same ride on a chilly day with identical layering. Both windproof, comfortable and good looking. I think I would give the Espresso the edge on warmth with one light shirt underneath. I think the Alpha Ros will layer better, and is claimed to be better against rain. One other point: As is most normal with Castelli, order one size larger, except with the Alpha Ros. It turned out I needed 2 sizes larger. Submitted on  21 September 2019  by  Ralph

Total comfort in brutal conditions

I'm 6ft, 69kg and I get cold very easily. Prior to getting my Alpha RoS jacket I didn't look forward to going out if it was cold and/or raining because i'd get really uncomfortable because the only way i could keep warm was multiple layers and a rain jacket, which meant i'd boil on climbs and then the sweat would chill me because the breathability wasn't there. Enter the Alpha RoS. I visited mum in Tavistock and went for a 4 hour ride over Dartmoor. The temp was 10c the wind was howling at 30-40mph, the very light rain turned into sideways medium weight rain. Although not that cold, when you're getting wet and getting blasted with wind you get cold very quickly...not with the Alpha RoS you don't - at the start of the ride down in the valley I was overheating because i was wearing my Castelli Flanders base layer, so i took that off and just wore the jacket on bare skin, which was comfortable. The jacket is incredible adjustable in the thermal protection - unzip the inner thermal layer and zip the outer, zip the inner and unzip the outer, unzip or zip both - all with gloves hands and in seconds so at the bottom of a climb you unzip and at the top you zip up - it's PERFECT. As the weather deteriorated I zipped up and after I stopped at Princetown for lunch my core temp must've dropped before I had to put the base layer back on.. The last leg back to Tavistock was brutal - crosswind so strong that I was in danger of getting blown across to the other lane, the rain was horizontal and it was cold. I however, rode in total comfort and enjoyed the sheer rugged landscape and the fact that i was out there when very few others were. If it's below 10c i'm wearing my Alpha RoS period. Thus far i've ridden it down to 2c and its' clear that it can handle much more, particularly when pairing it with the Flanders top. I have a non-thermal base layer and i'm totally comfortable in my Alpha at 4c. It breaths well and it handles rain brilliantly because although i'd not 100% waterproof it is "real world waterproof", acknowledging that you're going to get wet from sweat in a fully waterproof jacket, so it focusses on breathability so rid you of moisture (rain or sweat). I combine it with the Nano Flex 2 bib tights, Tempesta gloves and the aforementioned Flanders base layer and basically the weather is now pretty much irrelevant to me, which has greatly increased my enjoyment of riding in the winter. For someone who gets cold very easily and isn't very 'tough' - this is a miracle level piece of clothing. Before i bought it I thought it was very overpriced. Now i wouldn't be without it - you get what you pay for. Submitted on  15 December 2018  by  Jimbo

Great 22 out of 25 jacket

Awesome jacket does exactly what is says on the label. However how does a £260.00 jacket not receive 5 out of 5 on all attributes when it is advertised as the PERFECT jacket.. Submitted on  13 January 2018  by  JMB


I've been extremely pleased with the Alpha Ros Jacket. Winter training is sub 32 F degree weather is made simple knowing you'll keep warm and dry. I picked up the bright orange variant knowing it would contrast well in snowy conditions. Sizing and fit remain consistent with Castelli's Euro fit and is not bulky at all. This a very versatile piece, the key is vary your base layers based on the temperature you're riding in. I'll use a sleeveless summer base layer for warmer days or a heavy wool baselayer for the coldest of days. Overall, this is my go to jacket during the cold winter months, and I think Castelli has done an excellent job on this piece. Submitted on  03 January 2018  by  Renzo

Amazing Jacket

I bought this jacket for vinter / autumn period, as here in Denmark the weather can be like rainy and temp around + 3 Celsius which makes it feel really cold. So the jacket arrived and i looked at it thinking this is very thin can it do anything in the cold ! Well turns out its really really awesome jacket and it holds out the rain perfect. Even during my daily commuting to work where i also have a backpack on and i normally get wet on my back... thats not happening. Dont know how thats made possible. So even though the price is high, the quality and purpose is simply stunning. Submitted on  10 December 2017  by  Flemming Denmark

Qualité supérieure

Coupe ajustée, très agréable à porter ! Isole parfaitement du vent. C’est un vrai plaisir de rouler avec cette veste. Submitted on  20 November 2017  by  Serge

Wonderful piece of technological kit

I wore this jacket today and I must say that I was impressed. When I started my ride it was -1*C. I wore this jacket, a long sleeved “early winter” base layer from another brand (which we won’t mention) and a bibtight with frontal wind protection. Paired with a mid weight glove and Castelli’s Toe Thingy and Castelli Merino wool socks with a very light head beanie and I was perfectly comfortable for my 2hr ride. I even unzipped for some of the climbs. The Gore wind protection prevents any of the cooling effects from evaporation and the jacket feels very breathable. I normally wear a size large in Castelli jerseys but with this jacket, I ordered an XL and fits perfectly. For reference I’m 5’-10”; 185lbs. and built a bit square with a slightly shorter legs(31”) inseam. It’s beautifully crafted and worth the price of cold weather admission. Submitted on  12 November 2017  by  John P


I purchased this jacket specifically to ride in temps below 32 degrees. Got to try it out in a morning that was exactly 32 degrees. At first I was cold, but after about 15 minutes of moderate pedaling, I warmed up to a comfortable operating temp. The jacket is supposedly rated for temps between 23-50 degrees. I don't think I could ride much less than 32 degrees without another layer. To give some context, my base layer was an Under Armour ColdGear Evo Long Sleeve Compression Mock. I also have the Senza 2 jacket. In comparing the two, the Senza 2 is definitely more bulky, but feels warmer than the Alpha ROS. The Alpha ROS also has many more sewn parts, so I'm assuming the Senza 2 will hold up better from seams separation since it has fewer sewn parts. The Senza 2 feels warmer and doesn't feel as form fitting as the Alpha ROS. The Alpha ROS fits closer to a race fit than a casual fit. Overall, for a more casual ride or commuting to work, I'll stick with my Senza 2. For longer weekend or training rides, the Alpha ROS should work well. Submitted on  10 November 2017  by  Jason T

You don't want to take it off anymore!

This product is amazing and so versatile. By un-zipping the outside layer it still keeps you warm and your body can breath when climbing. Afterwards you can attack the descent without shivering. It feels just like the extra piece of skin you always searched for your winter rides. Submitted on  10 November 2017  by  Igor

Totally wintery!

If you ride in total winter conditions, this is the jacket. Kept me warm in low 20f. Highly recommended! (Reviewed by a Castelli employee. Proud of this product) Submitted on  25 October 2017  by  Sam


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Product features
  • Rain or Shine engineering provides insulation and breathability for cold and dry rides, with effective waterproofing for wet rides
  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ 150 fabric provides wind protection with high breathability and effective rain protection
  • Seam sealing on shoulders, reduced seaming and double stitching keep you mostly dry
  • Alpha construction separates wind/water protection layer from insulating layer
  • Better ventilation and better moisture evaporation thanks to separate insulating layer
  • Partially covered waterproof YKK® Vislon® zipper slides easily and lies flat
  • Raw-edge waist lies flat and moves with you
  • Raw-edge wrist cuffs lie flat for a perfect interface with gloves
  • Stretch fabrics with advanced patterning make for an excellent close-to-body fit that still accommodates a wide range of body types
  • 3 rear pockets with reflective laser-cut drain holes
  • -5°-10°C / 23°-50°F
  • Weight:515g
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