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So comfortable but yet so aero

I've worn many different Short Sleeve one-piece suits over the years and they all had issues. It seems that the San Remo addresses them all. Since wearing the San Remo, I don't chafe anymore, I used to just below the belly button, neck and I would get saddle sore spots, not anymore, I wear this suit exclusively for all races. Having short sleeves not only is more aero but it also helps not chafe on the swim or run. I really like the position of the pockets, which stay very close to my body so I get zero bounce from anything that is in them. It is a one-piece suit, but it has all the features of a two-piece suit without it rolling up. It's also amazing for hot races, it keeps me cool. Submitted on  29 Mai 2019  by  ConradR


I love this suit. Super light and aero and love the two piece functionality, so I can roll up top when I swim in my sleeveless wet suit. Submitted on  23 Mai 2019  by  Nick

best suit I've ever owned

I've tried them all, but this is the best. Comfortable with great storage- can even swim with no shoulder restriction. Zero chafing- even doing long course- and I am a salty sweater! Highly recommended! Submitted on  22 Mai 2019  by  SteveH

As cool as the other side of the pillow

I have never raced in a more comfortable suit. The pockets and tech are nice, but the comfort is what won me over. Submitted on  22 Mai 2019  by  Stephen

Great Race Day Suit

I have been using this suit for the past two seasons and love it. This suit has pockets on the hips as well as on the back for plenty of storage for both long and short distance events. The breathable material is great and really goes a long way to prevent overheating. I would recommend this to both experienced and beginner athletes looking for a great combination of speed and comfort. Submitted on  21 Mai 2019  by  Brian

Best suit out there

I've tried more than a few speed suits over the past few race seasons, and the Castelli Sanremo suit always has been tops. It is very comfortable through the pressure points, and never chafes where it isn't supposed to. The back nutrition pockets are the perfect size to carry gels with you onto the run and you don't need to worry about them bouncing off. They're also very durable, lasting for several seasons with no sign of stretching or fatigue. Submitted on  21 Mai 2019  by  AJ Alley

Like Racing in the Buff...

I've been racing for over 20 years now and this is the perfect combination of aero speed on the bike and comfort on the run with plenty of easy to access pockets for all the snacks you'll need on race day. The best thing is you never really think you're wearing it, I used to unzip every tri top I wore on the run, but I don't even think of it. Submitted on  21 Mai 2019  by  Michael

Free Sanremo Suit

Been wearing the suit for 4 years now, absolutely no issues at all, great suit with very accessible pockets. Submitted on  21 Mai 2019  by  Bill Ludington


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Technische Daten
  • Gut belüftetes SpeedFreak Material an der Vorderseite des Oberteils
  • Velocity Netzmaterial am Rücken für windkanalerprobten Speed am Rad
  • Durchgehender YKK® Camlock® Reißverschluss
  • FreeAero 2 Taschen sind aerodynamisch optimiert und stören beim
  • Schwimmen nicht
  • Kurzarmkonstruktion bis zum Ellbogenbereich für beste Aerodynamik
  • Von Castelli eingeführte Sanremo-Konstruktion mit praktischer Front-Öffnung
  • ermöglicht einen unkomplizierten Toilettengang und praktische
  • Belüftung
  • Hosenteil aus Instadry Speed Material nimmt kaum Wasser auf und ist die
  • Basis für schnelle Schwimmzeiten
  • KISS Tri Sitzpolster für Komfort am Rad und beim Laufen
  • 2 kleine Taschen an der Hüfte zum Verstauen von Verpflegung beim Laufen
  • GIRO Air Beinabschlüsse für mehr Komfort
  • Gewicht:180g