Before our products are made commercially available, they undergo an extensive development process.Everything starts from the production office by identifying the fabrics which best meet the requirements of the item we want to create. Once identified, we move on to modeling, shaping the products according to the cyclists' needs. Once the product is created we proceed with the fabric and patterning testing, which includes hours in the wind tunnel. In order to gain feedback, we then put the product to the test with our WorldTour teams and professional athletes. We make improvements, and then we repeat. Only once our product passes all of our tests do we offer it to you; the same product the pros are wearing, the best product available.


We create a wide range of items, starting with the product requests of the Team Ineos, going through the development of the fastest Body Aero Speed Suit for performance cyclists and triathletes and up to training jerseys for clubs and events. Browse our collections to find the styles you're looking for.


Whether you have an existing design or need help getting started, we have a full in-house design team ready to support you every step of the way to ensure you will love the design of your unique brand new kit. Visit our Design Center to get started.


We want your kit to fit perfectly: if you are unsure of sizing, fit kits in key styles are available by request to accurately determine your fit before purchasing. 




Standard production time is 8 weeks, guaranteed.


Die gut belüftete Decklage des PROGETTO X2 Air Sitzpolsters sorgt stets für ein angenehmes Sitzklima. Der 2-lagige Aufbau und die variierende Materialdichte der einzelnen Bereiche sichern exzellenten Sitzkomfort völlig unabhängig von der Dauer einer Ausfahrt.

  1. Skin Care-Decklage
    Die Decklage aus nahtlos verarbeitetem, antibakteriell behandeltem Microdenier-Gewebe mit 4-Wege-Stretch-Funktion passt sich perfekt und ohne jegliche Falten der Form von Körper und Sattel an. Das Obermaterial ist direkt belüftet, um die Verdunstung zu steigern.

  2. Nahtlos Integrierte Polsterlage
    Die Polsterung besteht aus Multi Density-Schaumstoff in variabler Dicke. Dadurch wird der Sitzbereich gezielt dort gepolstert, wo es für maximalen Komfort am besten ist.

  3. Zähviskose Komfort-Einlagen
    Eine perforierte, besonders zähviskose Polsterlage ist zusätzlich im hochsensiblen Dammbereich und an den Sitzknochen platziert.