• Get inspired for your design and share some images and notes with us.
• Use our downloadable Templates as a way to sketch out ideas.
• We use your notes and images to guide the process, so get creative.
• Anything scribbled down is a good start (even napkin sketches!).
• Download our Design Guide to help you through design basics. See bottom of page. 




• Gather your preferred colors and match them to our color chart or a pantone number.
• This ensures the color you are hoping for is exactly what you get on the finished garment.
• You can also send in a garment that needs to be matched. 




• Submit your logos & wordmarks in vector format (.eps, Adobe Illustrator .ai, and editable .pdf's).
• This ensures we can scale and recolor them accurately in production, allowing us to make a graphic proposal quickly.
• Raster images are pixel-based and cannot be used accurately (.png, .jpg, .tiff).
• There is a minimum scale requirement to make lines and text readable. We will advise you as to what will print the best and make sure the logos are all legible.


• We will send you your designs on our line art templates and suggest placement and possible design direction for going forward. 




• Look over the designs and give us feedback.
• Any logo additions or color changes should be noted.
• Please notice, any further addition or change will slow down your order process.



• After all revisions are complete, we send the final designs to you for approval.
• Give them the thumbs up and we can get rolling into production!